After being one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever, Veronica Mars has been resurrected as a movie, and it’s going to hit theaters in a couple months. And true to its Kickstarter roots, this trailer is definitely geared towards the fans, and shows off Kristen Bell‘s return, and many of the characters that were key to the show (and who may have little resonance to anyone else).

The trailer sets up what Veronica (Bell) has become a lawyer in the interim, but that she goes back home — even though it may end up costing her her fiancee — to solve a murder. Just like old times. Except there’s a couple of new faces in the mix, but when those new faces are Tina Majorino and  Jerry O’Connell, you may wonder if they were a part of the original cast. Or that is to say, if the movie has some ringers (and it does), they’re not in the trailer.

It’s weird that this is being released by a major studio after being crowd-sourced. The Veronica Mars movie is an experiment, and though Warner Brothers was always likely to be involved at some point, the fact that Kickstarter raised four million for a film people are going to pay to see in theaters makes this an odd duck, especially for something that could simply be fan service. Can this cross over? The closest parallel is Joss Whedon‘s Serenity, which — though it has its fans — didn’t make for a strong transition to the big screen on top of being a dud at the box office. Veronica Mars hits screens March 14.

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