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The remaining survivors continues to dwindle in season 4 of The Walking Dead, which isn’t much of a surprise. We’ve a little over a month away from the midseason premiere and the latest poster gives us a hint over the difficult fight for survival Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) are still going through, and fans of the comics know that it only gets worse for them from here.

The first half of season 4 finally brought Rick and company out of the prison and into the great unknown. Hey, it was getting super boring having them in the prison for what seems to be most of the series’ run. They had to move out somewhere after awhile. Any who, we’re finally done with the story of The Governor and now Rick and Carl are out on their own, though it’s not going to be easy for them. They are stuck right in the middle of zombie-infested lands so it’ll never be easy. From what I can recall from the comic books, this is the point where Rick is really starting to lose his mind and Carl has to step up to the plate, being the protector of the two as they try to find others who may still be alive out there.

The mid-season 4 poster tells us all you need to know about the second half of this season. What happened to the baby Grimes? Is the baby still alive out there somewhere? Will these two manage to find any other survivors, or will they be zombie food? We’re not sure, so we’ll just have to wait and see when the latest episode premieres on February 9th.

the walking dead poster

Are you still a fan of The Walking Dead? What do you think of the show so far?

Source: Cinema Blend