Thanks to streaming options like Netflix, television has gotten some serious competition. It’s not the only place you can find quality programming. That’s why everyone’s been trying to step up their game. Some have proven they can stand the test of time, while others are falling by the wayside. In 2013, we saw our fair share of newcomers struggle to make their mark as some veterans lost their way. ScreenCrave’s TV team put their heads together and selected five shows that have left us underwhelmed and very disappointed.

5. Glee


It’s obvious that Glee’s best days are behind it. Fox’s once-glorious high school musical suffered a lot this year, and we’re not talking about Cory Monteith‘s untimely death. For most of the fifth season, Glee has been lost in a sea of despair. The plot was all over the place, and there were hardly any memorable performances. Glee, a show that once tackled issues like bullying, teen sex, homophobia and eating disorders, isn’t trying anymore. Why Fox gave it another chance is beyond us. Glee has overstayed its welcome.  – Laura Frances

 4. The Michael J. Fox Show


Even the most die-hard Michael J. Fox fan would have to agree that The Michael J. Fox Show is not good, not good at all. The writing, the acting … nothing works. It’s just bad TV. And this business with the characters speaking directly to the camera – good God it’s annoying. It’s actually more awful than Modern Family’s mockumentary style, and that’s saying something. The return of Michael J. Fox to TV is cause to celebrate, but The Michael J. Fox Show hasn’t made his comeback anything to cheer about.  – Jeffrey Hyatt

3. The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead recently wrapped the first half of its fourth season, and to be honest, we needed the break. Those eight episodes were a meandering mess. Yes, there were moments of brilliance, but those came from the quality of acting. In terms of plot, the show seemed directionless and the pacing was stagnant. Who thought wasting two episodes on The Governor was a good idea? It completely interrupted the momentum of the prison story. You know, the story we actually cared about. Hopefully, The Walking Dead’s return will bring us a tighter, more singular vision that proves there’s a method to its madness. – Krystal Clark

2. Dexter


Here’s the one instance where being a lumberjack is not OK. Showtime’s Dexter went dull a long time ago. But the producers’ refusal to allow any consequences for Dexter’s actions, or those around him, made the final season the worst and most contrived. That’s saying something for a show that moved heaven and homicide law so its protagonist would always – boringly and infuriatingly – get away with it. – Sarah Shachat

1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


When Marvel first announced they were producing a television show centering on S.H.I.E.L.D., I was in. Clark Gregg returned to play the surprisingly cheerful Agent Coulson and was backed by Joss Whedon and a wide-eyed cast. Sounds like the perfect combination, right? Wrong! Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went from intriguing to boring fast, and so far it’s done little to improve itself. Most of the characters are one-dimensional, and the adventures are lackluster. If I were in charge, I’d have a serious talk with the writers about how to make Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a stellar Marvel show or just pull the plug and wait for Daredevil to arrive on Netflix. – Melissa Molina

What was the most disappointing show for you this year?