Paramount did a lot to hype up Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, but it couldn’t tackle heavy expectations and the still sort of juggernaut-ish Lord of the Rings films. They tried, and for their efforts have $40 Million in the bank. But with the holidays about to start, the question is if it (and, for that matter, The Desolation of Smaug) will experience the zero gravity effect that often happens during the season.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $31,455,000 (-57.3) $8,008 $127,500,000
2 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues $26,775,000 $7,635 $40,000,000
3 Frozen $19,163,000 (-15.1) $5,413 $191,555,000
4 American Hustle $19,100,000 (+2,479.5) $7,691 $20,200,000
5 Saving Mr. Banks $9,321,000 (+2,154.9)
$4,418 $9,947,000
6 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $8,750,000 (-36.0) $2,967 $371,700,000
7 A Madea Christmas $8,500,000 (-46.9) $3,874 $28,300,000
8 Walking With Dinosaurs $7,300,000 $2,259 $7,300,000
9 Dhoom 3 $3,305,000 $14,004 $3,305,000
10 Thor: The Dark World $1,328,000 (-52.9) $1,190 $200,766,000

The Hobbit 2 took a pretty big tumble, and unless the holidays work out for it, it’s possible that it won’t gross much more than $200 Million domestically, but it had enough juice to hold on to the top spot. It will probably lose the top spot next weekend, though it’s hard to say which film or films will fell it. Even with the holidays, it would be impressive for it to do over twenty million next weekend, and the competition is odd, but one or more of the films opening for Christmas (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Grudge Match) could have enough interest to beat it.

Anchorman 2 looks weak considering all the effort that went in to launching it. Though Paramount got a lot of corporate tie-ins to promote it, they likely spent a pretty penny to get it where it is, and it’s unknown how it will keep playing. Getting to $100 Million seems likely, but the big thing is they did much better internationally, which was hoped for. It’s doing just good enough to be disappointing, but likely profitable.

Frozen is playing strong and should close in on $200 Million some time this week. How far it goes after that is hard to say. It may benefit the most from the holiday schedule. But even more impressive is American Hustle, which went wide this week and played very strong, matching the per screen of Anchorman 2. If awards heat keeps up, it could make it to $100 Million. Where Saving Mr. Banks looks like a misfire. It could also benefit from the holidays, but they didn’t seem to find their audience, considering the talent involved.

The big surprise is that Dhoom 3, a Bollywood picture, entered the top ten. It wasn’t a super wide release, but it played to its audience. Whereas Walking With Dinosaurs is a dud. Thor 2 crossed the $200 Million dollar mark, which will be its last big milestone.

Reality Check: I went a little high on Anchorman 2 and a little low on Hobbit, while both Frozen and Hustle outperformed my expectations. Things are in the wiggle room of not being terribly off, but…

What did you watch this weekend?