This year’s campaign about the upcoming Oscars must be eager to erase the past dealings with Seth MacFarlane, leaning back into the more clean cut song-and-dance routine, or at least that’s the impression this first trailer gives us. The 2014 Oscars is still a couple months away and apparently we shouldn’t forget about that.

Ellen DeGeneres has hosted the Oscars once before back in 2007 and was well loved by many, which isn’t much of a surprise. DeGeneres is a charming host and comedienne, making her a perfect and slightly safe choice for this year’s Oscars. If you’ve been sitting down and watching the Oscars year after year, you’ve seen them try to inject some younger, edgier blood into the mix which has lead to almost disastrous results. The ratings have fluctuated over the years and we’ve seen those behind the Oscars continue to struggle, trying to find the perfect combination to keep our attention, which has become supposedly increasingly difficult for them to do.

Either way we’ve got Ellen DeGeneres back and that’s enough for me to sit back and watch the 86th Academy Awards, as if I wasn’t going to do that. The first trailer doesn’t promise too much other than a really good time, or something to that degree. Either way it doesn’t stop the trailer from being adorable. What makes the trailer stand out more is the fact that it’s directed by Paul Feig. Not sure what the reasoning was for that but hey, it worked. Don’t forget that the 86th Academy Awards will air on March 2, 2014.

Will you watch the 86th annual Academy Awards when it airs next year?

Source: Slashfilm