Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese reunites with Leonardo DiCaprio for a tale of debauchery in The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on the true story of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the film shines a light on ’80s excess and ’90s entitlement. DiCaprio gives a masterful performance that would make Gordon Gekko proud. The Wolf of Wall Street is a hilarious yet poignant look at how pride goes before the fall.

The Players:

  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Screenwriter: Terence Winter, Jordan Belfort (story)
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margo Robbie, P.J. Byrne, Kenneth Choi, Jean Dujardin, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Jon Bernthal, Rob Reiner, Spike Jonze, Jon Favreau
  • Cinematography by: Rodrigo Prieto

The Plot:

In 1987, Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) began his career as a stockbroker. At first, he’s an idealist with good intentions to make money for himself and his clients. But after six months in the cut throat world of Wall Street he becomes a shark. He eventually starts his own firm and rips off any and everyone he can. Eventually, this risky behavior catches the eye of a straight-laced FBI Agent (Chandler), who carefully plots the downfall of the self-made millionaire.

The Good:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: We all know Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor, but his performance as Jordan Belfort is on another level. He gives a master class on how to truly embody a character. DiCaprio commits in every way. There’s no pride, vanity or self-preservation of any kind. He goes from 0 to 60 with no breaks. This isn’t a stuffy, Oscar-bait role. It’s just a pure no holds barred performance.
  • Direction: Martin Scorsese just gets better with time. He’s not afraid to dive into the deepest and darkest corners of Jordan’s life. No rock is left unturned. He captures the fast life with an unapologetic filter, which shows how out of control these characters really are.
  • Editing: The editing is just as frantic as the characters themselves. But it serves the purpose of the story. Some scenes are cut like music videos, while others are more traditional. The film clocks in at just under three hours, and you never feel it. The Wolf of Wall Street isn’t a labor to watch. Every shot that’s in the film needs and deserves to be there.
  • Music: From hip-hop, to rock and synthesized pop, this film has the perfect soundtrack. It’s not invasive of overbearing but it definitely makes its presence known. Some sequences even feel like they were taken from old MTV stock footage.
  • Screenplay: Terence Winter has a hit on his hands. This screenplay is extremely funny, but also very sharp. It doesn’t lose you for one second. On paper, the world of finance can sound boring but not here. It’s a whirlwind of adventure set against Wall Street. Aside from Belfort, every supporting character gets their time in the sun. The story is even across the board and feels complete.


Please believe the hype. The Wolf of Wall Street is everything you expect and more. From the performances to the direction, it’s truly a top-tier production.

The Rating: 10/10

Wolf of Wall Street opens in theaters December 25.

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