Gilligan’s Island is one of those iconic television shows from the past fifty years that many people still remember and watch fondly. Since it’s such a recognizable show, it makes sense that those working up in Hollywood would one day want to spin it into a big feature film decades later, though we weren’t really imagining Josh Gad to play one of the characters.

It’s been reported that Josh Gad has signed up to be part of the cast for the Gilligan’s Island film, though we’re not sure what role he’ll be playing at the moment. It wouldn’t be surprising if he were to find himself in one of the lead roles, especially considering the fact that he’s co-writing the script with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez. There hasn’t been any other reports on who else they’re looking at to fill up the cast of lost tourists, so now is the time to be bringing up suggestions to us on who you would want to see in the cast.

Then another question comes to mind, and that’s whether or not we want to see a shiny new Gilligan’s Island movie. Granted the show is still fairly popular even decades after it’s last air date, but it’s always frustrating to see studios dig through the pool of recently used ideas and try to make a new spin out of them. This is the part where many people start hollering about how originality is now dead, but I don’t particularly think that is true. At the same time would there be a big enough market to make a decent buck out of this film? We’ll find out in a couple years time when this project is put out in theaters.

Do you want to see a Gilligan’s Island film with Josh Gad? Why or why not?

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