Grand Piano

The trailer for Grand Piano suggests it offers the same sort of claustrophobic, real time thrills of previous “trapped” movies like Lifeboat and Phone Booth, which is exciting. It’s a small genre, but forces filmmakers to be extra creative. Elijah Wood stars as a concert pianist who’s life is in danger if he doesn’t perform expertly.

The film has played the festival circuit, and it’s already being championed as a must see, though the Magnet logo on the front of the trailer suggests the film is going straight to video, something that seems evident when John Cusack is revealed as the villain of the piece. We love Cusack, but he’s been a harbinger of crap of late. That said, the film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 7. Here’s that trailer:

The premise is gripping from the get-go. Wood has been out of the game for a while because of external pressures to succeed, and so he’s forced to play his best by a killer. It also looks like he gets to move around a bit, so he won’t be just locked at the piano for the entire piece. We’re also left wondering if Cusack’s psychopath has a grander scheme, which is generally the case in the post-Die Hard film universe. But whether he’s doing it for greater gain or if he’s just that in love with great music… well, both are interesting motivations. We’ll check it out when it hits theaters next year.

Do you watch much VOD? Do you feel it’s gotten more interesting?