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The wedding on Revenge was always going to end badly, but we’re not sure the writers know how poorly it unraveled.  “Exodus” saw the unveiling of Emily’s biggest plan yet. Though another banished character made a slightly unexpected return, the show’s constants dabbling in the ordinary might have caused lasting damage.

The Players:

  • Director: Kenneth Kirk
  • Writer: Sunil Nayar and Karin Gist
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann, Christa B. Allen, Barry Sloane, Karine Vanasse, Annabelle Stephenson, Justin Hartley, Amber Valletta

Episode Title: “Exodus”

As Emily prepares for her final plan to unfold, her prey begins to slip from her grasp.

The Good:

  • Natural Conclusions: We’ve long said that Emily’s shooter was most likely one of Victoria’s children. However, it was the man that’s been Emily’s pawn since the show’s inception that pulled the trigger. The truth of Emily’s vows is what did her in. Openly bragging about using Daniel to achieve her aims was bold and dangerous. Overhearing his wife and his mother’s final conversation led to Daniel’s impetuous crime. In a convenient twist, Emily’s true identity was never discovered although her husband’s trust is gone and her mother-in-law’s suspicions validated. Watching these three dance around these revelations might be entertaining come January if the cards are dealt with the right hand.
  • Unlucky in Love: Patrick’s return wasn’t as shocking as Lydia’s. For one, his exit was rather abrupt, leaving more unfinished business to tie up than Nolan. His refusal to start seeing Nolan again was lame and pointless. However, he proved himself treacherous the second he plotted to kill Conrad in the name of freeing his long lost mother. Seeing Patrick discover Nolan’s secret hidey-hole ignited the necessary panic. He might fancy Nolan, but his instinct to protect his mother is too strong for that relationship to remain pure. Discovering the truth about his mother’s past indiscretions could turn his head. Whatever Patrick uncovers will mean trouble.
  • The Wrong Guy: For half a moment, we believed a last minute change in her plans to elope with Aiden would be the cause of Emily’s downfall. Fortunately, one of our number one suspects did the deed, but that still didn’t dispel our doubts about Aiden. Especially when Jack showed up at the final second to reinforce our meant-to-be hopes and dreams. Even though Aiden keeps looking better and better, it’s the love of Jack that keeps us coming back for more.
  • New Beginnings: Daniel shooting his brand new wife and Patrick’s discovery won’t be the only new threads in the New Year. Conrad and Lydia are taking their scandalous union into the public eye. That’s sure to bring about an interesting moment or two. Conrad’s new foe could make things a little more exciting. Margaux’s conversation with the Grayson patriarch did nothing to indicate that she’s finished investigating his crimes against David Clarke. Hopefully, you also noticed her providing a word of caution to Victoria during Conrad and Lydia’s big appearance. A kind word could be just that, but with Victoria, finding a new ally is always right around the corner.

The So-So:

  •  Two Sides of the Same Coin: Though Daniel’s crime made for a good final scene, the way events unfolded were rather humdrum. The writers seemed to borrow from every splashy newlywed murder headline, in a rather obvious way.  Spouse immediately regrets being trapped into a marriage because he/she pines for another and creates a way out.  Things might be a little more dramatic in the fictional TV world, but that doesn’t make them any less ordinary.

The Quotable:

  •  “Only you could make vengeance so beautiful.”—Nolan


“Exodus” was the kind of episode that draws a line in the sand. You had to know that for the fate of the show, Emily’s plans had to unravel. It’s this circular storyboard that you must either accept or abandon. Emily will again start the fight for her father’s good name, as soon as the distraction of her amnesia wears off. But can you again rest your hopes on whether this next turn of events is a better one? Even with one or two interesting developments, we barely acknowledge a tense moment during the entire hour. Vengeance is supposed to be the fire than inspires this show. As Nolan said, “Long live Daniel Clarke.” Without him, this show is nothing.

Rating: 7/10

Revenge airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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