Paul Walker Cody Walker

Though Universal hasn’t announced what they’re going to do with Fast and Furious 7, they’re expected to make an announcement shortly as they’re hoping to salvage what they’ve shot. One rumor going around is that Paul Walker‘s brother Cody might be brought in to finish his brother’s work.

That’s the word from Daily Mail, and it seems a bit silly, but not so out of the question. When doing pick-ups for the Final Cut version of Blade Runner, Harrison Ford‘s son was brought in to help fix some shots, but going by the picture above, they don’t seem to look so much alike that it wouldn’t be noticeable.

In terms of famous film deaths, River Phoenix’s passing led to his final movie being mostly scrapped (though it was supposed to get some sort of release this year), while most other films cobbled footage together, as was the case with Natalie Wood and Brainscan, and with Oliver Reed and Gladiator. It’s possible that we could get some CG Walker in the film, but though word is that he filmed roughly half of his scenes, without knowing what those scenes are, it’s hard to know how the pieces could fit together. That’s what Universal is dealing with now, and whatever decision they make, it’s surely going to be a tough one.

How do you think Fast and Furious 7 should honor Paul Walker?