sinister six

For some time now, we’ve heard rumors that Sony was planning on crafting a film about the Spider-Man villains the Sinister Six in an effort to create an expanded world for its Spider-Man characters, a la Marvel’s Avengers-based Cinematic Universe.  And, hot on the heels of Andrew Garfield hinting that he may having nothing to do with fourth proposed film in the updated Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Sony has announced that a Sinister Six film is indeed coming.  Not only that, Spidey villain Venom will be getting his own spin-off film as well.

Reportedly, Sony has gathered together the creative forces of Marc Webb, Drew Goddard, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (sigh, of course), Jeff Pinker, and Ed Solomon to collaborate and create the expanding Spider-Man universe of films.  Also, Drew Goddard will likely write and direct the fourth film in the Amazing Spider-Man series, which will be the Sinister Six film.  Elsewhere, Alex Kurtzman is set to direct Venom.

This is pretty big news for fans of Spider-Man films and comics, and confirms the overwhelming influence of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe on the world of comic book films.

What do you think of the Spidey, Venom, and Sinister Six news?

Source:  /Film