Stephen King

Let’s go ahead and file this bit of news under the obvious section. For decades novelist Stephen King has had his sea of work gradually adapted into movies and television shows. This past year we got another dose of the horror writer’s view of a trapped fictional world with Under the Dome, and apparently we’re getting yet another TV show based off one of his latest works which will be titled Grand Central.

So the latest book that will be put under the adaptation microscope isn’t a novel but rather a short story. The story, called The New York Times At Special Bargain Rates, will be transformed into a TV series set to be released during the summer of 2014. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, it centers on a wife whose dead husband rings her up warning her of future events that could put her in harms way. There’s a lot that they can do with that kind of premise so it makes perfect sense as to why they want to adapt this sucker right away.

It’s obvious why folks would want to adapt a Stephen King novel or short story into a TV show or a film. Why? Because the man’s work still sells in book form and for film/television. If there’s one thing that Under the Dome proves is that there’s still a large audience that loves the stories that he tells, and that must be quite the rewarding feeling for the accomplished author to have in his head.

Will you watch Grand Central when its on TV next summer?

Source: Slashfilm