It’s almost here. It’s one of those things that seemed impossible since Season one, but we’re now actually about to start the fifth season of Community. And it looks like NBC is promoting it, trying to get people excited about what could be the final thirteen episodes of the series. Or perhaps it will get to a sixth season and a movie (of the week). Regardless, this new trailer is epic.

But more importantly, it appears that series creator Dan Harmon hasn’t lost step with the show. As you may recall, Harmon was excused from participating in season four, but was brought back for the latest run, and here the jokes feel fresher and less like mimicry. We wouldn’t say that season four was a total wash (there were good moments here and there), but as fans this looks like the show we fell in love with. Here’s that trailer:

And in this you can see the return of Joel McHale‘s Jeff Winger to Greendale, along with cameos by Walton Goggins and Jonathan Banks. On top of which Harmon and company have seemingly resurrected Dino Stamatopoulos’s Starburns, and poked fun at Donald Glover leaving the show like Zach Braff left Scrubs. There’s a lot to look forward to here, and this much is certain, no one knows how to exploit the comedic stylings of Ken Jeong like Community, which returns January 2.

Pop pop?