jason clarke

So far, the upcoming Terminator sequel/ reboot has received a prospective title (Terminator: Genesis), two prospective Sarah Connors (Emilia Clarke or Brie Larson), a prospective return of franchise star (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and a confirmed director (Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor).  And to go along with the rest of the above’s kinda-sorta-maybe news, the film now has a prospective John Connor.

Deadline is now reporting that Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, White House Down, The Great Gatsby) is in talks to star as John Connor, the son of Sarah Connor and the savior who leads a human resistance against the self-aware program SkyNet and its army of machines in an apocalyptic near-future.

Little is known about the storyline of the sequel, but the fact that Clarke, 44, would be playing the son of an actress in her mid-20s, means that a heavy amount of time-travel will be involved (hey, it is a Terminator film, after all).  Further, it’s being reported that Kyle Reese, one of John’s soldiers who gets sent back in time to become his father (it’s complicated), will be in the film as well.

Terminator: Genesis (if that’s the actual title) is set for a July 1, 2015 release date.

What do you think of the Terminator news?