It’s been just a couple years since we were greeted by the enthusiastic but troubled 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), but in that short amount of time he’s turned into one of the most popular incarnations of the long-running BBC show. Now we’re nearing the end of December 2013 which means it’s Doctor Who Christmas special time, but it doesn’t really make any fans happy. We’ll be seeing the end of the 11th Doctor’s reign and most importantly figure out how the Doctor survives to become the 12th, played by Peter Capaldi.

The latest Christmas episode, appropriately titled “The TIme of the Doctor,” follows our hero as him and his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) are lured to a strange planet due to a strange voice, but they’re not the only ones who heard it. From the trailer we’ve seen below, we catch a glimpse of the famous Cybermen and the Daleks, which throws me a little off. If you’re up-to-date on Doctor Who then you know that all memory of the Doctor has been wiped out from every Dalek in the universe. So then why is one suddenly shouting “The Doctor is regenerating!” when they don’t even know who he is? Hopefully this will all be explained in the upcoming episode. Maybe the Doctor does something to severely piss them off. You never know.

Either way this is the 11th Doctor’s last episode, so I hope it’s a really good one. Showrunner Steven Moffat has a knack for delivering some pretty mind-blowing endings on his stint in Doctor Who, so I would imagine that the 11th Doctor’s departure will be nothing short of fantastic. Check out the trailer below:

Are you sad to see Matt Smith leave Doctor Who?

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