The World War Z sequel is moving right along, and Paramount has finally landed on a director. Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona will helm the zombie followup, which will bring back Brad Pitt as the leading man.

Who would’ve thought that World War Z would have made it this far? The fact that the movie is getting a sequel is sort of a miracle. As you might’ve heard/read, World War Z ran into a lot of trouble during production, including several delays, seven weeks of reshoots and script rewrites from a number of writers (Damon Lindelof, Drew Goddard and Christopher McQuarrie were among those who wrote new material for the movie). There was also talk that Forster was to blame for a lot of the problems due to his inexperience with big budget movies with lots of CGI effects. But somehow the zombie movie was able to overcome all of those struggles and make a bunch of money. In the end, World War Z made $202 million domestically and $540 million worldwide. And not only was it a box office hit, but the film was given great reviews by critics.

For the sequel, Pitt will return as the action hero who, in the first film, traveled the world to try to stop the zombie plague. He’ll also produce the sequel. No writers have been hired for the World War Z 2, but Bayona will oversee the writing process.

Besides directing last year’s tsunami pic The Impossible, Bayona also helmed the horror flick The Orphanage, produced by Guillermo Del Toro. It looks like Bayona has experience handling large productions and he’s also tackled the horror genre, so he should feel right at home with this zombie sequel.

Are you looking forward to the World War Z sequel? Do you think Bayona is the right man for the job?