Community - Study Group

After NBC ousted creator and showrunner Dan Harmon from Community prior to its fourth season, many fans were concerned that the hilarious and oddball college-set sitcom would flounder and flail without its character.  And while it didn’t exactly fail (I’m pretty sure I nearly audibly chuckled once or twice during the season, and the show didn’t get cancelled), it certainly floundered—the season felt more or less like a fan-fiction version of Community, rehashing and highlighting the most obvious aspects of the series in an obvious bit for fan attention, but completely missing the show’s heart.

And so, the news that Harmon was returning to hopefully fix the series for its fifth season came with no small amount of fan rejoicing.  Still, though—can Harmon fix Community?

If we can irresponsibly base our answer of “yes!’ upon a single, 60-second teaser, well, then the answer is indeed yes.  As you can watch below, the one-minute teaser for Community feels funnier than most full-length episodes of season four:

It seems that Harmon and company are effectively staging a very self-aware “reboot” of the series, and bringing it back to the greatness of seasons one and two (and most of three).

Will you be tuning into Community’s fifth season on January 2?

Source:  /Film