x-men apocalypse

We were as surprised as everyone else on Thursday when director Bryan Singer, still months away from releasing X-Men: Days of Future Past (which will bring together the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with the characters from the X-Men: First Class prequel/reboot), announced that 2016 will bring us an X-Men: Apocalypse film.   While the suspected plot of the film isn’t terribly surprising (the time-travel in Days of Future Past leads to an alternate timeline being created, in which the mega-Big Big, Apocalypse, reigns supreme and institutes mutants as the ruling class while normal human beings are exterminated), the fact that Singer announced it so soon was.

But the surprises don’t stop there—while we suspected that Singer would direct the film (which has now been confirmed), Vulture is reporting that X-Men: Apocalypse will focus solely on the characters from X-Men: First Class.  That’s right—this will be Singer’s first X-Men film (and the fourth X-Men film that he’s directed overall) not to feature the original trilogy actors/ character incarnations.

From a business perspective, however, it makes sense: though X-Men: First Class is one of the least grossing films in the X-Men franchise, it’s likely that the spectacle of X-Men: Days of Future Past will be strong enough to drive audiences to an all-First Class film like Apocalypse.

What do you think of the X-Men: Apocalypse news?

Source:  Vulture