frozen-7Well, there wasn’t much to this week’s box office, except for a win for Frozen in taking the top slot as it didn’t fall quite as hard as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire did. But things are going to pick up next week with the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, so there’s that.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Frozen $31,641,000 (-53.0) $8,456 $143,278,000
2 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $27,000,000 (-63.6) $6,486 $336,665,000
3 Out of the Furnace $5,300,000 $2,523 $5,327,000
4 Thor: The Dark World $4,740,000 (-57.2) $1,542 $193,640,000
5 Delivery Man $3,775,000 (-44.8)
$1,299 $24,799,000
6 Homefront $3,384,000 (-51.1) $1,317 $15,284,000
7 The Book Thief $2,700,000 (-44.5) $2,052 $12,075,000
8 The Best Man Holiday $2,673,000 (-67.3) $1,695 $67,239,000
9 Philomena $2,282,000 (-37.9) $2,733 $8,255,000
10 Dallas Buyers Club $1,459,000 (-42.0) $1,988 $12,411,000

Frozen dropped over fifty percent, which is steep, but it could level out and keep playing through the holidays. It should as people seem to like it, and there’s no direct competition. Catching Fire took a huge tumble, and it seems less likely to make it to $400 Million, though — much like Thor: The Dark World — it’s doing very well internationally, which will likely give it a bigger worldwide cume that the last film. In fact next weekend Catching Fire will pass the first film’s all-in total, so a slight dip for the second film (partly because there’s about to be competition) domestically is only a little dirt on the franchise’s shoulder.

Out of the Furnace did slightly better than I expected,  but with a weak wide per screen, it’s going to take a hit next week. If the film was supposed to be an awards contender, it missed that boat, and will sink quickly. Everything else is pretty pathetic or awards films that are expanding and contracting. Will The Book Thief or Philomena be remembered when it comes times to give out awards? Probably not, though the latter has a performance by Judi Dench, so that could help make its case.

Reality Check: I went a little high on the top two because I thought there might be more of a buffer with no real new competition.

What did you watch this weekend?