Jerry Bruckheimer Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Earlier this year it was announced that Jerry Bruckheimer and his production company no longer had a home at Disney since their contract ran out, which was unfortunate but at least they made the most of it. Since then Bruckheimer was looking for a new studio home and has finally found it in the form of Paramount Pictures.

With this new deal comes a couple of movies that will finally get some legit financing under it’s belt. We should be expecting more developments on the latest Beverly Hills Cop film along with Top Gun 2 in the near future. The overall deal between Bruckheimer and Paramount makes complete sense, considering that his production company was once entangled with the monstrous studio back in the 80s. This could be the start of a second wave of Bruckheimer’s movie franchises from the earlier days as they find new life with a different audience.

Then what about the other projects that Bruckheimer’s production company is a part of? We don’t know what else the company has on it’s slate, but I’m not-so-secretly hoping that there may be a Bad Boys 3. Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Jerry Bruckheimer have all expressed great interest in capping off the action series into a trilogy. Will we ever see that is the real question, but at least we’ll get Maverick (Tom Cruise) back in a jet again in the some what near future.

Do you want to see a sequel to Top Gun?

Source: Slashfilm