Nurse 3D

We’ve been hearing about Nurse 3D (which announced itself with some very NSFW posters) for over two years as the film was completed in 2012. But now there’s a trailer and a release date, and that trailer features Paz de la Huerta wearing clothes, so it’s obvious the actress is stretching.

And seeing the trailer, well, we’re not going to say it’s obvious why this has been sitting in a can for a while, but… yeah, it’s obvious why this has been sitting in a can for a while. The film stars de la Huerta opposite Katrina Bowden, and this seems to be a more murderous riff on the film Single White Female, which has been ripped off a couple of times now.  Who would have guessed SWF would be one of the most influential films of 1992? But we  guess the idea of lesbian sex and stalking is a good mix for a low budget movie.

Paz de la Huerta has carved a niche for herself as being very willing to appear naked in projects, but as an actress… well, as you can see in the trailer… um, yeah. But we’re guessing the film will feature a lot of violence and nudity, so it could be a lot of fun (if that’s your thing) when it’s released on February 7.

Does this trailer make you want to see Nurse 3D?