There is one movie opening this weekend. That’s Inside Llewyn Davis, which will be on four whole screens. And those screens will be in New York and Los Angeles, so there’s not going to be much to observe this week except huge drops after a holiday weekend. It will be like when gravity is restored in a movie. Sharp plummets.

And so this weekend will show how much of a phenomenon The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is. When comparing opening and second weekends, the film only dropped 53%, which is pretty good for a blockbuster (standard drops are usually in the near 60% range), but then it was buffeted by the holiday weekend. Currently the film is at $306 million, and another 50%-ish drop would put it at around $340 Million total. With lag kicking in, it’s got an uphill climb to crack either $400 Million or the $409 Million that Iron Man 3 made.

It was also show how well recieved Frozen is, which has already crossed the hundred million dollar mark. Will it get closer to three hundred by the time it’s all over? That possible. Kids films tend to be unpredictable in that way. And Thor: The Dark World might be able to limp over the two hundred million dollar mark this weekend (though it probably won’t). But otherwise, I mean, what, are you going to see Delivery Man?


  1. Frozen - $36 Million
  2. The Hunger Games 2 - $31.5 Million
  3. Thor 2 - $5 Million

As a LA denzien, I will probably make my way out to see Inside Llewyn Davis, because I can. Otherwise…

What are you going to watch this weekend?