The search continues for the perfect Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator remake, or at least the casting list is being narrowed down. There’s two ladies that could potentially become the heroine in the new film, but the question is who they’ll cast.

Currently Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson are on the short list to becoming Sarah Connor in the remake. There’s been a lot of rumors as to who will end up being this character in the Terminator remake, but they haven’t settled on which of these two ladies will take the role. Both of them are equally strong actresses and both have received a bunch of notoriety in the past couple of years for their work individually in film and television, but who would be best suited to be Sarah Connor? Emilia Clarke can definitely make the character transition from a fairly innocent young woman to one who’s fighting to survive by any means necessary, especially considering the character this actress has played in Game of Thrones. But Brie Larson can do the same and has grown as a young actress that we should all keep our eyes on, her most recent film being Short Term 12.

There’s a lot more casting that has to be taken care of which surprisingly includes that of John Connor. Does that mean we’ll be jumping back and forth between the present day and the grim future? Perhaps. It will be interesting to see how they portray that in the upcoming remake.

Which of these two ladies do you want to see play Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator remake?

Source: Slashfilm