gal gadot wonder woman

For some time now, Warner Bros. has been chomping at the bit to launch a multi-film DC Comics superhero franchise in the mold of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, with the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman seen as the launching pad (because, you know, both Batman and Superman will be in it).  And it turns out they won’t be alone in the film: the rumors are true, and Wonder Woman will indeed be in Batman Vs. Superman.

Not only do we know that, we know whole be playing the Amazon warrior princess: Gal Gadot, who was Miss Israel in 2004 and has appeared in the past three Fast and Furious films.  No word yet on how exactly the character’s more mythological origins will be explained next to the science fiction-esque nature of Superman and the pulpy weirdness of Batman, but one can assume it will be similar to Thor’s inclusion with the more science-based characters  in The Avengers.

Gadot’s casting also raises two other questions—isn’t she a little, well, tiny, to be playing the super-strong Wonder Woman, and will the film have enough room to introduce Batman, Wonder Woman, and a new villain?

What do you think of the Wonder Woman news?

Source:  /Film