We’ve already seen a full trailer for the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to Zack Snyder’s 300, the film about musclebound guys in capes hitting each other with swords while fighting in CGI fantasias.  But hey, if that didn’t give you enough big burly guys dressed like 1980s pro wrestlers doing a bunch of slow-motion punching and kicking and shots of Eva Green doing her whole Eva-Green-crazy-eyes thing, well, here’s a new trailer for the flick.

As we noted with the original teaser trailer, the film tells the story of Greek general Themistokles as he faces down the Xerxes (the really tall and elongated Big Bad from the first film) and his Persian army, along with Eva Green’s Artemisia and her naval fleet.  A bunch of kicking and punching ensues, and then some things blow up, and Lena Headey shows up to take revenge for the events of the first film.  Check it out:

Well, was it everything you hoped the sequel to a film like 300 could be?

Directed by Noam Murro, 300: Rise of an Empire is set for a March 7, 2014 release.

What did you think of the 300: Rise of an Empire trailer?

Source:  /Film