One of the big changes between the comics and the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past is that Kitty Pryde’s role as a time-traveler (which connects the original film trilogy’s continuity to that of X-Men: First Class) is replaced by Wolverine. In the film, Wolverine is the one who goes back to try and save the mutants. While there are some obvious reasons for this choice, screenwriter Simon Kinberg has revealed the main reason why he took this liberty and deviated from the comics.

In the comics, the character sent back to the past is Kitty Pryde (played in the X-Men films by Ellen Page). She was psychically transported back in time in an attempt to prevent the development of a dystopian future in which most mutants have been killed by the deadly robot Sentinels. In the movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Wolverine takes Kitty’s place by being the one to travel back in time.

It’s obvious that one of the main reasons for this change is because Wolverine is the star of these movies. But Kinberg also has another narrative explanation for the switch.

In an interview with TotalFilm (via /Film), Kinberg mentioned that they made this decision for a lot of reasons, “some of them obvious and some of them more nuanced.” There’s the fact that Wolverine is the main protagonist of the entire X-Men franchise, and “probably the most beloved character to a mass audience.” But Kinberg added that there’s also “logistical realities” that came into play when making this decision.

“Probably the bigger reason is that when we started thinking about the logistical realities of Kitty’s consciousness being sent back in time, to her younger self, as opposed to her physical body being sent back..it was impossible. Obviously in the book it’s Kitty, but you’re talking about an actress (Ellen Page) who, in the age of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, would have been negative 20 years old. So we started thinking again, and the first reflex response to that was a character who doesn’t age. Wolverine is the only character who would looks the same in 1973 as he does in the future.”

X-Men movies are notorious for taking many narrative liberties, and not exactly staying true to the comics. Fans seem to still enjoy the movies, and in this case, it seems like audiences won’t be too bothered by the switch (because, again, everyone loves Wolverine).

Days Of Future Past arrives in theaters May 2014.

What do make of the change? Are you excited for Days of Future Past?