Amazing Spiderman – Dehaan

…and by “major” we mean, yes, a comic book character—Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn—who has appeared in Spider-Man comics as the Green Goblin for forty years will apparently be doing the same thing in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2.  So, not so much of a surprise (both Norman and Harry Osborn are set to appear in the film, one of them had to turn up as the Goblin eventually), but it is something of a spoiler-y reveal, as the film already has two villains in the form of Electro and the Rhino.

Further, one would have expected Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn to become the Goblin before Dane DeHaan’s Harry, right?  Well, a close-up shot of blurry, lo-res international Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster shows a grinning DeHaan doing his best Billy Idol impression while surfing on a Goblin Glider:

amazing spider-man 2 green goblin

I suppose we could just wait for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer to arrive on Thursday, or even—gasp!—be patient enough to just wait for the film’s May 2, 2014 release to get the full scoop on the Goblin’s appearance in the film, but that would be the mature, rational, and adult thing to do.

What do you think of Tthe Amazing Spider-Man 2 news?

Source: Tupacca (via /Film)