Given the increasing success of the Fast and Furious franchise with its exponentially popular sequels, Fast and Furious 7 had been fast-tracked by Universal for a very optimistic release date of July 11, 2014.  That release date is now severely in doubt, however, due to the tragic death of franchise co-star Paul Walker this weekend.

Things remain somewhat hazy at the moment, but multiple reports are confirming that Universal will not scrap the film, but heavy rewrites will be required now that Walker’s scenes cannot be filmed.  Filming was scheduled to commence this week in Atlanta, Georgia for several Walker-heavy scenes, with production then scheduled to shift to Abu Dhabi.

Wan reportedly convened with Universal executives over the weekend to determine whether or not rewrites will be necessary for the half-completed film, “and how to proceed in a manner that would be respectful to Walker’s death.”

Another issue, as noted by /Film, concerns the very nature of Walker’s death—the actor’s life ended with a grisly car accident, and given the very nature of the series (death-defying car stunts performed in a world in which the laws of physics, gravity, and logic are constantly broken), the pall his passing will cast on the series’ car stunts may be too uncomfortable for some audience members to bear.

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