Though The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won the weekend, Disney’s Frozen proved itself a big winner by netting nearly a hundred million over it’s five day opening. Homefront was a non-starter, while Oldboy didn’t crack the top ten or top fifteen. Ouch.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $74,500,000 (-52.9) $17,896 $296,500,000
2 Frozen $66,713,000 $17,828 $93,013,000
3 Thor: The Dark World $11,108,000 (-21.8%) $4,715 $186,712,000
4 The Best Man Holiday $8,491,000 (-32.0) $4,945 $63,414,000
5 Homefront $6,970,000
$2,712 $9,795,000
6 Delivery Man $6,931,000 (-12.8) $2,283 $19,453,000
7 The Book Thief $4,850,000 $3,930 $7,856,000
8 Black Nativity $3,880,000 $2,559 $5,000,000
9 Philomena $3,789,000 $4,538 $4,754,000
10 Last Vegas $2,785,000 (-36.1%) $1,502 $58,722,000

Catching Fire will cross the three hundred million dollar mark on Monday, and it’s currently the third highest grossing film of the year. It will have to cross $409 Million (Iron Man 3′s total) to be the highest grossing film of the year, and it might. The question is how hard it drops next weekend after the holiday. $400 Million plus is possible, but it would need to level a little. But the super good news is that international is keeping pace with the domestic take, which was important for the series (it’s now not just a domestic phenomenon), and it’s hard to say if it will match the first film’s $408 domestic total, but it will definitely make more money worldwide as it’s already nearing $600 Million for its global total.

Frozen is off to an amazing start for an animated film. It should play through the rest of the holidays, which means $200-$300 is possible. Often kids films can level out and since the only real competition for its audience is possibly The Hobbit, the sky’s the limit on this one.  It looks like Thor 2 will limp to $200 Million, which is more than the first film, but only by so much. It didn’t catch on, even if it has passed the gross of the first film. Perhaps superhero exhaustion kicked in. But more than any other superhero film this year, Thor 2 seems to directly pursue a female audience. Perhaps that audience was waiting for The Hunger Games.

Homefront‘s going to be lucky to make $30 Million, Oldboy was originally set for expansion, but that’s probably not going to happen. The ability of studios, etc. to walk away from a disaster gets faster and faster these days, and so the film may not crack five million domestic.

Reality Check: I spent Thursday eating not talking turkey. Alas.

What did you watch this weekend?