paul walker

In news we can’t believe happened, it’s been reported and confirmed that Fast and Furious franchise star Paul Walker died in a car accident earlier today. At first it seemed like an internet prank, but at this point, it appears to be the truth.

TMZ reported it first, that Walker had been out in a Porsche and that the car crash killed both him and the other person in the car. It’s taken a while to find out if this is true or not because TMZ has been wrong before, and the incident sounds like what someone would write as a parody of the Fast and Furious star’s death.

Walker was a child actor who started to get big breaks in films like She’s All That and Varsity Blues at the turn of the century, but it was the unexpected success of 2001′s The Fast and the Furious that turned him into something of a movie star. He made a sequel and took some interesting chances, but the actor seemed to be washed out until the surprise success of 2009′s Fast and Furious led to three more sequels, with Fast and Furious 7 currently in production (it’s unknown if he finished his work). This is heartbreaking news.

RIP: Paul Walker 1973-2013