“Dead or Alive” is the type of Nikita episode we’ve been waiting for. The premiere was a set-up in every sense of the word, and now we’re getting to the nitty gritty. Nikita and Michael have a much-needed talk, Ryan breaks an important code and Sam worms his way into Alex’s life.

The Players:

  • Director: John Badham
  • Writer: Albert Kim
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Devon Sawa, Noah Bean, Lyndie Greenwood, David S. Lee

Episode Title: “Dead or Alive”

Nikita and company uncover a huge part of Amanda’s plan, while Alex trades barbs with Sam/Owen in Mumbai.

The Good:

  • Attack of the Clones: Leave it to Ryan and his overactive imagination to crack Amanda’s code. He realized Amanda’s been using impostors, such as Faux Deputy Director Graham. This forces Nikita’s hand. The only way to prove he’s a fake is to get a DNA test, which he’d never submit to. Therefore, they decide to kill him hoping that an autopsy will reveal all. As usual, Amanda catches on to Nikita’s plan and threatens the life of the real Deputy to keep her fake alive. Nikita couldn’t pull the trigger knowing Graham’s blood would be on her hands Luckily, Michael could. He shot the impostor in the head and got the job done.
  • Michael’s Over it: Speaking of Michael, he’s so over Nikita’s B.S. He has no desire to sit in waiting. Throughout the episode, they verbally sparred about her decision to leave. At the end, Nikita wanted to move forward but Michael stated he’s done fighting for their relationship. We can’t blame him.
  • The Plot Thickens: Amanda and The Shop have planted a seed of nuclear proportions. At a press conference (via Faux Graham), they insinuate Nikita’s working for the Pakistani government. The powers that be want the U.S. to think Pakistan is up to know good, justifying a reason to invade.
  • Robert Peller?: We were wondering when Judd Nelson was going to pop up. Months ago we learned he was cast as a key figure this season. But who is Robert Peller? And why was Birkhoff so adamant about covering his identity at the NSA? Could Peller be his papa?

The Bad:

  • Sam/Owen: We can’t believe this is happening. Sam/Owen used to be one of our favorite characters on the show. Unfortunately, they’ve completely ruined him. There are only four episodes left, and he’s spending all his time with Alex. The last time we checked, Sam/Owen had history (and great chemistry) with Nikita. That’s a beat that needs to be played. Instead, we have him in this shoe-horned storyline in Mumbai.


“Dead or Alive” was a great episode. It was smartly written and well-acted. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give it a perfect score because of its lackluster B-story.

Rating:  9/10

Nikita airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

What did you think of the episode?