Comedy Central has created some breakout stars recently with their sketch shows. Not only are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele on the rise (expect them fourth billed in the next run of studio comedies), but Amy Schumer is now taking the world by storm. Her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer had an excellent first season, and now comedy film guru Judd Apatow is signed on to direct her first starring role in Train Wreck.

This is great news (which comes from Variety)  for both. Schumer has a reputation as a bawdy comedienne, and this seems like an Astaire/Rogers sort of pairing in that Apatow will make her more sympathetic, while Schumer will make him a little more of the moment. Look, we love Judd, but between Funny People and This is 40, it feels like he’s fallen into a rut of some kind, while working to help create a female perspective  is something he did brilliantly in producing both Lena Dunham‘s Girls and Bridesmaids.

But more than that, Schumer’s got a distinct and hilarious comic voice which she showed off (while working with a number of other writers) on her show, where one of our favorite sketches is the hilarious “Lunch at O’Nutters,” which has a role for Councilman Jamm aka Jon Glazer. Check it out:

There’s no release date, the plot is being kept under wraps, and Apatow is currently searching for his cast, but hopefully this comes together quickly.

Do you watch Inside Amy Schumer?