One of the strangest bits of fallout from the trading of movie rights that went down between Warner Bros. and Paramount in order for both studies to have a finger in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has now led to the development of the thirteenth film in the seemingly unstoppable Friday the 13th film franchise.  Yes, really.

See, it breaks down like this—Paramount was willing to relinquish some of the rights to Interstellar to Warner Bros., in exchange for Warner Bros. returning to the rights of franchises like South Park and Friday the 13th back to Paramount.  As such, we now have a thirteenth Friday the 13th film in development, on track for a March 13, 2015 release date.

Also, this will not be a sequel to the last Friday the 13th film, which was reboot.  This will be “another reboot entirely,” according to Exhibitor Relations.  Moreover, rumors have abounded for the past year that this film will be, sigh, a found footage Friday the 13th film.  Oh well, it can’t be any worse than Jason Goes to Hell, right? (Though, the hopes of a film anywhere near as fun as anything as Friday the 13th parts IV-VI are probably not worth having)

What do you think of the Friday the 13th news?

Source: /Film