Breaking BadSince the series just ended, it’s nice that Breaking Bad’s final eight episode hit DVD and Blu-ray this week, along with some of the year’s more notorious movies, and one heck of a Criterion Collection release.


  • Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, Breaking Bad: The Final Season: Our ride with Walt and Jesse is over, but now the whole series can be collected. I watched the entirety of the show after the Season 5.2 conclusion, and I thought it was one of the great shows, though not in spitting distance of The Wire. Still, what a wonderful ride, and I can’t wait to own the whole thing. And for those looking to spend extra money, there’s the whole series collected in a barrel with tons of additional features.
  • The Canyons: The Lindsay Lohan/Paul Schrader film became infamous before anyone saw it, but reactions to the film have mostly been lackluster. Is there a good or great movie here? Probably not, but it’s also possible this film was never going to get a fair shake right away.
  • Getaway: Ethan Hawke stars in this film that came out. He’s like a race car driver who gets partnered with Selena Gomez, and no one cared when it came out.
  • The Grandmaster: Wong Kar-wai’s latest film spent years in the editing booth, and then emerged internationally at 130 minutes, and stateside at 108 minutes. The lust and beautiful action film may not be his best work, but dang if it isn’t beautiful regardless.
  • Jobs: Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs, which is good to know for trivia nights.
  • Red 2: Bruce Willis returns with most of the gang for this mostly harmless sequel. Honestly, it’s not that bad, an old person’s version of Ocean’s 11, but it’s probably best watched on cable. When bored.



  • Day of the Animals: This William Girdler exploitation flick is unbelievably on Blu-ray. A semi-riff on animalsploitation, with a little bit of Jaws thrown in there, it’s hard to believe that someone wanted to restore it.
  • Knightriders: George Romero’s got a lot of underrated movies, but this is easily his most personal, which is about a troupe of performers who enact stories from the knights of the round table with some modern touches (they joust on motorcycles). Maybe a bit too long for its own good, but also a great metaphor for the filmmaking process.
  • Zatôichi: The Blind Swordsman: Criterion has collected all of the official Zatoichi movies and put them out in a box set that’s going to be the hot item for nerds this Christmas.

What are you picking up this week?