Road House

The inestimable cult classic Road House was never much of a box office success, but constant cable play and discerning B movie lovers turned the film into a perennial that has inspired Bill Murray and his brothers to call Kelly Lynch’s husband every time the movie (and her sex scene with Patrick Swayze) is shown. Which is often. And now Stealth and Alex Cross director Rob Cohen is attached to remake it, because…

The Wrap broke the news on this, and there’s a screenplay in place, so if the money’s there, this could actually come together. Finding someone, really anyone, who could step into the Swayze role is difficult, as what made Swayze so great is that he’s not a classic bruiser. Considering who’s out there, it’s probably safe to say that both Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have already passed.

The real reason this is likely happening or moving forward is that MGM hasn’t got a lot of properties they feel comfortable with, and have died and come back more times than we’d care to count. Right now they make money off of the James Bond films and have a piece of The Hobbit, so they’re in much better shape than they were a couple years back when they couldn’t get films like Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods released. But considering their financial strife, they’re doubling down on remakes, which is why this and Poltergeist are happening. So great, someone please give MGM a pile of money so they might make original movies again. Please.

Hurts, don’t it?