norman reedus

Some context: as we’ve reported numerous times before, The Crow reboot has long been fighting to fly out of Development Hell–in 2010, Mark Wahlberg was in negotiations to wear the famous white face paint and leather duster…and then he walked.  A year later, it was Bradley Cooper’s turn to be the guy everyone hoped would please not get the part, and he then satisfied those wishes.  Earlier this year, James McAvoy was in talks, followed by Tom Hiddleston, who went so far as to enter into negotiations and preliminary makeup tests for the role, before Luke Evans managed to grab the part.

Now we have a bit more of casting news to throw your way, which at least means that the film is still in development (it seemingly appears to phase in and out of development every few months, with each casting change): Schmoes Know is reporting that Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead is now up for a role in the reboot of the 1994 film.  No, not as the dark hero Eric Draven, but as a mystery man named “James.”  And we say “mystery man” because, seriously, all we know about the guy is that his name is James and that Reedus is in discussion for the part.

Elsewhere, Cinema Blend notes that “a source close to the production” has revealed that Kristen Stewart was once up for consideration for a part in the film, but producers eventually passed on her as they “didn’t believe she would help draw a crowd.”  Which is a tad odd, as hey, we get it—she’s a black hole of zero charisma—but she was the star of a gargantuan modern franchise, and Snow White and the Huntsman managed to score nearly $400 million in box office receipts.    Oh well, not a big loss.

What do you think of The Crow casting rumors?