We still don’t know what the official title for the sequel to Man of Steel will be, though most of us have been referring to it as some variation of Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman because, hey, what the hell else are we supposed to call it?  We know Batman and Superman are going to fight in this thing, so there’s really no need to label as anything else.  That said, Warber Bros. still appears to be hunting for just the right title for a film about an emotionally crippled rich orphan who dresses as a black rubber bat and fights an extraterrestrial Jesus stand-in who wears blue tights.

Fusible (via /Film) notes that  Warner Bros/ has been busy registering various possible domain names for the film’s upcoming official website, with each title beginning with Man of Steel.  It’s a move that makes sense, as, while the sequel is set to introduce the new Batman, it’s also meant to be a part of the Man of Steel franchise continuity.  Hence, the following titles:

•    Man of Steel Battle the Knight
•    Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
•    Man of Steel Black of Knight
•    Man of Steel Darkness Falls
•    Man of Steel Knight Falls
•    Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
•    Man of Steel The Blackest Hour
•    Man of Steel The Darkness Within

While Batman Vs. Superman is a pretty silly (though apt) title, none of the above are exactly solid winners, sounding variously like cheesy taglines or clunky attempts to say “Superman Vs. Batman” without actually using those words (Man of Steel Battle the Knight).  But then again, An Emotionally Crippled Rich Orphan Who Dresses As A Black Rubber Bat And Fights An Extraterrestrial Jesus Stand-in Who Wears Blue Tights doesn’t exactly have a sharp ring to it, either.

What do you think of the possible titles?