One of the big question marks looming over the “Phase 3” of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is the Edgar Wright-directed Ant-Man.  Who will be Ant-Man?  How will such an oddball character fit in with the (comparatively) darker and more serious heroes and villains?  And how will Wright’s style—heavy comedy couched in various cinematic genres such as science-fiction or horror—dictate the tone of the film?  Will it be Marvel’s first comedy?

In a recent interview with ET (via /Film), Wright answered the last of those questions (sort of) by calling Ant-Man an “action film,” and noting that the Marvel films are typically fairly humorous to begin with:

I want to make him into a badass [laughs]. No, I always liked that comic and I always thought it would be an interesting thing to see in live-action. That’s why I [showed] that Comic-Con test that we did for Marvel, to show this fight scene like a proof of content, like this is what the action is going to look like. I think a lot of people who maybe don’t know the character sort of see that test and go, “Oh, right, I get it. It’s like an action film,” so that’s the idea. I think people will be surprised by what kind of movie it is, and so in that respect it’s something that I know is going to stand out because it’s got a very different story and is a very different movie.

I think the Marvel movies are funny, you know? I think generally the Iron Man films and The Avengers are funny. They’re not ever in the comedy section, but they are funny and entertaining, so I think it’ll be something in a similar vein to that.

Wright is, well, right—the Joss Whedon-penned/directed The Avengers, as well as the glib Iron Man films, have all leaned very heavily on humor to balance out the pathos; that said, few would likely call them out and out comedies, as most of Wright’s film tend to be.  That said, Wright also has a flair for kinetic action and impressive visuals—meaning that, if Ant-Man is to be the director’s first straight-up action film, we’re definitely in.

Ant-Man is set for a July 31, 2015 release date.

What do you think of the Ant-Man news?