There’s no polite way to put this, sometimes filmmakers crawl up their own butt and don’t leave. Many of the indie auteurs who were thought to grow and develop into something more eventually reveal a shallow bag of tricks and keep going to the same well for diminishing returns. Example: Robert Rodriguez. Machete Kills bombed, but it was supposedly the start of a trilogy as he made a (fake) trailer for a sequel, Machete Kills Again… in Space.

The first Machete made a paltry $26 Million domestic, and Machete Kills flopped even harder with an $8 Million total. This was all spawned by a fake trailer at the start of Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino‘s Grindhouse, which was also considered a bomb. So how did any of these films get made? It’s likely that Kills was done for a paltry sum, but that one note joke about Danny Trejo‘s killing machine wore out its welcome with the first movie, and now you can see how weak the joke is with this fake trailer.

Though you might be able to geek out on the production design, which does capture the late ’70s/ early ’80s cheesiness of many of the Italian and Roger Corman productions that tried to rip off Alien and Star Wars, the dialogue doesn’t transcend in its atrociousness, and the amount of winks to the camera in this two minute clip are endless. This was featured in Machete Kills‘ theatrical release, and if that film had done better, we might have actually gotten this movie. But the fact that so few people saw Kills means this franchise is over. Watching this trailer, that seems like a good thing.

Would you watch Machete Kills Again… in Space?