the flash movie update

Back in late July, we reported to you that The CW, following the success of Arrow (a TV series adaptation of DCs Green Arrow character), the network would also be launching a live-action series based upon the Flash.  However, the scarlet speedster would not be getting a traditional series pilot; rather, he’d be introduced via a “backdoor pilot.”

A backdoor pilot is when a character set to receive his own series is introduced in a preexisting series.  In this case, the character of Barry Allen (a.k.a., the Flash) would have been introduced in episodes eight and nine of Arrow’s second season as “a Central City assistant police forensics investigator who arrives in Starling to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past.”  Following that, Arrow’s 20th episode would feature Allen donning the official Flash outfit, introducing the hero and establishing the character for his own series.

However, CW executives, after having viewed the upcoming Flash-centric episodes of Arrow, are apparently impressed enough with the character (and Grant Gustin’s performance as Barry Allen) to order The Flash get its own pilot episode.

Still no word on whether or not the TV series continuity will have anything to do with the long-rumored Flash film adaptation being developed by Warner Bros.

What do you think of the Flash news?

Source: /Film