There’s nothing worse than being an actor/actress/filmmaker caught in the middle of a rumor hurricane. The latest victim is Adam Driver, an actor who’s supposedly the front runner for some random Dick Grayson role in Batman Vs. Superman. The rumors first began circulating last week when there were multiple reports saying that he would be the boy wonder, but that’s not going to happen. Sorry ladies, you won’t be seeing this Girls star in tights anytime soon. It wasn’t like we were going to either way.

After trudging through the press tour for his new film Inside Llewyn Davis, a movie that myself and many others so desperately want to see, Adam Driver was asked repeatedly about whether or not the rumors were true. He went around and debunked them entirely, saying that he never knew about these rumors in the first place and a bunch of information that would dispel any sort of doubt in your mind.

At the same time that won’t drive the fanboy/fangirl idea of him becoming Dick Grayson out of some people’s minds. In a physical sense he does fit the role, but Dick Grayson doesn’t really fit too well into this universe. Let us not forget that in some small way they pretty much cemented Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s police officer character in The Dark Knight Rises to pretty much be the Robin in that universe. I wonder how happy JGL is over the fact that Ben Affleck is Batman now, automatically getting rid of the rumors that he may be the next person to don the cape.

Do you want to see Dick Grayson in Batman Vs. Superman? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm