Though Thor: The Dark World held the top spot, there’s no getting around that the story of the weekend is the huge number that The Best Man Holiday pulled down. With a low production cost, it’s likely the film will cross into profit next weekend, which means we’ll probably get another entry in this franchise.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Thor: The Dark World $38,454,000 (-55.1) $10,011 $146,965,000
2 The Best Man Holiday $30,593,000 $15,115 $30,593,000
3 Last Vegas $8,850,000 (-19.8) $2,734 $46,958,000
4 Free Birds $8,300,000 (-25.3) $2,365 $42,218,000
5 Bad Grandpa $7,670,000 (-32.3)
$2,404 $90,202,000
6 Gravity $6,280,000 (-26.4) $2,453 $240,556,000
7 Ender’s Game $6,200,000 (-39.6) $1,916 $53,777,000
8 12 Years a Slave $4,700,000 (-29.6) $3,331 $24,949,000
9 Captain Phillips $4,500,000 (+21.2) $1,714 $97,617,000
10 About Time $3,462,000 (-27.2) $2,705 $11,568,000

Thor 2  plummeted as expected, but it’s on the path to outgross the first film (which made $181 stateside) domestically, while the film has already made more worldwide than the initial entry. Since word of mouth would be hitting now, this is totally an Avengers bump.
Expect the film to end up over $200 Million, but it would need to level out to hit a bigger milestone. It’s hard to know if The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is going to crush it. It might.

The Best Man Holiday shows that there is a sizable black audience that will still go to the movies. Though it’s unlikely this will be great for anyone’s careers, it will likely lead to a second sequel, and a $60-$70 Million total. Last Vegas is quietly going strong for what it is, and could get over $70-$80 Million when all is said and done, and could make more than the Summit-produced Ender’s Game, which did not connect. Lionsgate bought Summit because of the success of the Twilight films. It’s possible that they’ll get New Line’d if this track record keeps up.

Bad Grandpa is going to cross the hundred million dollar mark, and so is Captain Phillips, and as both have collected some international dollars, they’re already in the black. 12 Years a Slave keeps adding theaters, but this is the first week the numbers haven’t ticked up since it opened. It needs to start winning awards to keep in the spotlight. It needs to keep playing.

Reality Check: I thought Thor would hold a little better, and am pleasantly surprised that The Best Man Holiday has that big of an audience.

What did you watch this weekend?