the simpsons

The Simpsons—it’s the longest-running animated series in human history, as well as one of the funniest television shows of all time (well, it used to be, and the Halloween episodes are still fun).  Over the course of 24 legendary seasons, The Simpsons has built up one of the most lucrative back catalogs in television history: 530 episodes of television gold that just about any network or online streaming service would kill to acquire.   And now, FXX has scored some of the most coveted rights in television.

FXX, the comedy-based spin-off of FX that features such comedies as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League, has purchased the syndication rights for The Simpsons’ 24 seasons and 530 episodes for nearly $750 million, making it the only network aside from Fox to be able to air the episodes.  Further, the deal allows for FXX to stream the series on its upcoming FXNOW mobile app.  Further, as Collider notes, this means that fans hoping to eventually catch the series on Hulu or Netflix won’t be in luck anytime soon.

It’s a major coup for FXX, as the network more or less established its ratings dominion with this rights purchase—if there’s one series everyone loves to crash on the couch and watch, it’s The Simpsons.

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