Last night, Scandal dropped some major bombs. “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” gave us a look at a happier First Lady, and a very confused Quinn. Also, the night ended with a stunning revelation that no one expected.

The Players:

  • Director: Michael Katleman
  • Writer: Peter Nowalk
  • Cast: Kerry Washington, Guillermo Diaz, Columbus Short, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, Joshua Malina, Scott Foley, Kate Burton, Dan Bucantinsky, Barry Bostwick, Khandi Alexander, George Newbern, Jack Coleman, Lauren Stamile,  Sharmila Devar, Joe Morton

Episode Title: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Mellie attempts to win back the hearts of America while wading through a blast from the past.

The Good:

  •  The Truth: Olivia’s mother isn’t as dead as everyone thought. The lucky man led off Flight 522 by a U.S. Marshall before it took flight was actually a woman. Maya Lewis is alive and living in a detention facility under the name Omar Dresden. It seems obvious why she was saved—she’s the mother of Rowan/Eli’s child, not to mention his wife. The fact that she’s been forced to live out nearly 20 years in a secure facility suggests there’s something more to Maya’s role in all of this. Is it possible the man Maya worked for had a hand in the dirty bomb Fitz’s father claims was on the plane? Is Maya involved in intelligence or dirty dealings? Or might Eli/Rowan just be exercising his appetite for sadistic control yet again?
  • The Nightmare: To claim the top spot for worst possible outcome was tough but Quinn’s story wins by a hair.  Twice she tried to appeal to Huck, to convince him of her good intentions. Instead she continued to see Charlie. First as a mentor, and then when her stalking was discovered, some sort of sick paramour. Watching them kiss gave a sick sense of foreboding for what was to come. Charlie not only tricked Quinn into killing the last witness to the sole surviving member of Flight 522, but he secured the video footage to ensnare her in the trap that is B6-13. This is a clear violation to her father’s promise not to harm anyone Olivia knows—if this is how Rowan/Eli plays nice we have no clue what he’ll do next.
  • Strangers: After a peek into Mellie and Fitz’s life before politics one thing’s certain: Mellie should go back to that chic bob. Besides displaying her coif prowess, our peek at the Grant’s lives 15 years ago gave insight into exactly when Mellie decided to become what she is now. It was a little unnerving to see Mellie so happy all the time, but her devotion to Fitz can be blamed solely on a much younger Cyrus and Mellie’s wish for her husband to be President. The moment that she began giving up pieces of herself for Fitz was thanks to Big Jerry, the Fitz’s father. After telling his daughter-in-law all about her husband’s mission for the Navy, he forced himself on Mellie. To make matters worse, the paternity of Fitz and Mellie’s first born is questionable; he could be the President’s brother!

The So-So:

  • Kingmaker: A look at a more youthful Cyrus only made us poke fun at his ridiculous beard. Cyrus was too busy to notice his husband’s floundering in any real way.  The sad fact is without James’s begrudging attitude at the party. Cyrus and Mellie never would have known that the Vice President’s husband is tempted by men, not women. That’s a huge thing for someone to mix up. Seeing younger Cyrus’s passion for politics was refreshing, but it did nothing to restore his standing. If we’re going to give him such a majestic name as Kingmaker, let’s give him plots that are worthy of his character.

The Quotable:

  • “It’s not fair, it’s America.”— Cyrus
  • “You’re way better at picking out hookers than you are china patterns.”— Cyrus


“Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” took the focus off of a few things without losing momentum. We learned nothing about Harrison’s impending conflict, yet the discovery of Olivia’s mother, Quinn’s misfortune, and Mellie’s origin story gave us enough to deal with. It was touching to see Fitz go to bat for Mellie, and take the weight of the scandal off her shoulders. It’ll be interesting to see how long she can operate under this new friendly edict. Mellie’s need to fight for Fitz’s love can only be squashed for so long.

Rating: 9/10

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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