After a 14 year hiatus, the cast of 1999′s The Best Man is back. Director and screenwriter Malcolm D. Lee did the impossible by reuniting its stars for the sequel, The Best Man Holiday. Lee accomplishes a rare feat in making a film that’s not only good, but surpasses the original.

The Players:

  • Director: Malcolm D. Lee
  • Screenwriters: Malcolm D. Lee
  • Cast: Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, Melissa De Sousa, Eddie Cibrian, John Michael Higgins
  • Cinematography by: Greg Gardiner
  • Produced by: Malcolm D. Lee, Preston L. Holmes, Sean Daniel

The Plot:

After spending years apart, Harper (Diggs) reunites with his old friends during Christmas break. Lance and Mia invite Harper, along with his wife Robyn (Lathan), Jordan (Long), Julian (Perrineau) and Candace (Hall), as well as the forever single Q (Howard) and Shelby (De Sousa). There’s still tension between Harper and Lance that stems from the previous film (when Lance learned Harper and Mia slept together in college). But Mia is on a mission to mend their broken friendship. Meanwhile, almost everyone has personal problems that boil to the surface just in time for the holiday.

The Good:

  • The Cast: The Best Man was made at a time when it wasn’t common for actors to be locked in for sequels. But somehow, someway Lee got the band back together. Despite the time lapse between films, the actors still have it. The chemistry we saw 14 years ago is still there. You really feel like you’re watching a group of old friends.
  • The Script: If you haven’t seen the original film, don’t worry. In the opening, you’re given a refresher on who’s who and what they’re all about. Unlike most movies, the major plot of The Best Man Holiday isn’t spoiled in the trailer. We were pleasantly surprised by a damning revelation half-way through. With a cast this large, everyone is given good material to chew on. No one is left out.
  • The Balance: Lee is a master at balancing humor and heart. The Best Man was a cult favorite that made us laugh and cry, and the sequel is no different. If anything, the film reminds us of how hilarious Terrence Howard can be. As the resident Don Juan, he gives us some truly funny scenes.
  • The Memories: Nostalgia plays a huge role in this movie. It’s almost a character within itself. Not only is it a walk down memory lane for the viewers, but also the actors too. You can tell everyone is having a good time and because of that the film’s such a treat.


 The Best Man Holiday is everything we wanted and more. Lee did a fabulous job of topping the previous film as did the actors. Even if you weren’t a fan of the first one, The Best Man Holiday is good enough to stand on its own.

The Rating: 10/10

The Best Man Holiday opens in theaters November 15.

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Will you be seeing The Best Man Holiday this weekend?