Mission: Impossible 5 has been something of a mystery for a while now—while the scramble of rumors concerning Christopher McQuarrie taking the director’s chair (he also directed franchise star Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher) and Iron Man III co-writer Drew Pearce picking up the screenwriting duties turned out to be true, that’s really all we’ve known about the film.  As for the returning cast, well, it seems to still be in flux—initially Jeremy Renner’s character in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was introduced so as to take the lead in the franchise and allow Cruise to gracefully bow out.  However, Cruise apparently so enjoyed the Ghost Protocol experience (and it didn’t hurt that the film was big hit) that he decided to return as the lead in Mission: Impossible 5.

So now we know the director and writer, and the lead, but that’s pretty much it…except for the release date.  We can now report that Mission: Impossible 5 is going to open on December 25, 2015.  Why is this significant?  Well, it places the film onto the box office playing field one week after the release of Star Wars: Episode VII, which is guaranteed to likely be one of the biggest movies, well, ever.

Interestingly enough, the director of Star Wars: Episode VII, J.J. Abrams, has produced the last to MI films, and could possibly due the same for part 5.

Do you think M:I5 should have accepted this mission?

Source: The Wrap