We can’t wait to see what Frank Darabont is doing next, and it turns out the wait isn’t that long. Mob City will be showing on TNT starting in early December as a three week event, and now there’s a new trailer for the show.

Of course, part of what makes this so interesting is that Darabont was previously the show runner for The Walking Dead. He was the mastermind behind the first season, but rejected a lowered budget for the second, and so the show soldiered on without him. For better or worse the show is now more popular than ever, either because of the groundwork Darabont laid or in spite of it. Which means he’s got something to prove with Mob City – which could get multiple seasons if it works. Here’s that new trailer.

And there’s some familiar faces in the trailer, including Ed Burns and Simon Pegg, though that TNT is going to release all six episodes over the course of three weeks makes us a little nervous. The period setting and material definitely seems in Darabont’s wheelhouse, and it already looks better than Gangster Squad, but it’s hard to know if TNT is trying to make this an event, or if they’re just trying to air all of it as quickly as possible. Mob City will be shown on December 4, 11 and 18 in two hour blocks.

What do you want to see Frank Darabont do next?