As we anxiously anticipate Wes Anderson‘s next film The Grand Budapest Hotel, the quirky auteur has gifted us with a short film while we wait. No, it’s not a horror movie, it’s the short film Castello Cavalcanti, which stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver who crashes into a small village in 1955.

Not connected to his upcoming film (as the short Hotel Chevalier was connected to The Darjeeling Limited), this was done for Prada, and it’s distinctly Andersonian. With it’s long takes, locked off pans, and (of course) Schwartzman, it’s definitely of his universe. Here Schwartzman’s race car driver crashes into a small town which is actually the location where his family came from. Yeah, it’s definitely from Wes. Check it out:

Though minor in the scheme of things, it’s a charming little one-off about family. He’s also working with a great crew on this short, which seems to be a small love letter to European cinema. Why Prada wanted to make it is unknown as it doesn’t seem to directly reference any of their products, but cool is cool. For those waiting for a large taste of Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel is due out March 7, 2014, and it also features Schwartzman, who can be seen a little sooner in this winter’s Saving Mr. Banks, which opens December 20.

Where would rank this among Anderson’s works?