Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" Rhodes

Various iterations of Miles Davis biopics have been in development in Hollywood over the years, though not much has come to fruition in cinematically telling the story of Davis, the brilliant and volatile jazz genius.  And it seems that Davis’ story is finally making it to the big screen (well, a small part of his story, anyway).

BiFrost Pictures is developing the film Kill the Trumpet Player.  The film will star Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, and Ewan McGregor will star as a Rolling Stone writer.  Zoe Saldana will costar.  Additionally, Cheadle will step up and make Kill the Trumpet Player his directorial debut, with a script co-written by Steven Baigelman.

The film will highlight a brief but important window in Davis’ life in 1979, in which Davis, who had been in self-imposed public exile for years, began to reemerge and teamed up with McGregor’s Rolling Stone writer to “steal back his music.”

Daniel Wagner of BiFrost had this to say about Cheadle’s casting and direction:

“Don is one of our generation’s greatest actors, and this is the role he was born to play. His take on the conventional biopic of one of music’s most celebrated icons is cinematic ‘jazz’ and too unique to resist. It fits naturally with BiFrost’s commitment to support talent and their passion projects, so we are thrilled to work with Don on his feature directorial debut.”

What do you think of the Kill the Trumpet Player news?

Source: Coming Soon