This week, DVD and Blu-ray releases are dominated by Superman as Man of Steel comes to home video. But there’s also some great Criterion and classic releases to sift through. Check it out.


  • Frances Ha: Criterion is releasing Noah Baumbach’s latest, which stars his new paramour Greta Gerwig. Already in the running for one of the best films of the year, this short and sweet little film shows new life in the director, as he’s obviously in love with his leading lady.
  • Man of Steel: There are some who think this is a masterpiece, and the best Superman film ever made. We’re more on the side of “there’s some good stuff, but…” Cause, let’s be honest, it’s bloated and weird, and not entirely successful. Henry Cavill stars alongside Amy Adams and Michael Shannon in this reboot, which is going to lead to a sequel with Batman.
  • Turbo: So this bombed, and there were few who could make a defense of it. Eh.
  • Prince Avalanche: The latest from David Gordon Green got a soft release, though it was suggested to be a return to form after his dalliances in Hollywood went bust (the one-two punch of Your Highness and The Sitter could have been a career-killer). Small, but well cast, this is definitely something to seek out.


  • Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition: Tetsuo…. Kaneda… Tetsuo… Kaneda.
  • All the President’s Men, JFK: 50 Year Commemorative Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Thirteen Days: It’s nice of Warner Brothers to offer a smattering of political movies to go along with the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination. That said, it looks like the President’s Men doesn’t offer a new transfer, which would be the big draw of this double dip.
  • Body Bags, The Horror Show: Scream Factory won’t stop until they’ve released every John Carpenter movie, it seems.
  • City Lights: Chaplin at his best. Criterion at theirs as well.
  • Jane Eyre (1944), Oliver!, The Way We Were: The latest from Twilight Time probably won’t sell out as quickly as their horror titles, but it’s weird that a best picture winner, and a classic Barbra Streisand/Robert Redford pictures would get a limited pressing. Rental is dead, y’all.
  • Nosferatu: 2-Disc Deluxe Remastered Edition: F.W. Murnau’s definitive vampire movie is a masterpiece, and though the timing on this one’s a little off (shouldn’t this have come out a month ago?), this is definitely a classic worth seeking out.

What are you picking up this week?